We are a group of active neighbors working together to enhance community and decrease crime in the area around the Aurora Corridor from Woodland Park to the city limits at North 145th street. Our vision is to bring permanent changes resulting in a safe and involved neighborhood

GAIN Contacts
GAIN has 4 groups, covering 75th to 145th Streets. Here is a full set of GAIN contacts for the Aurora corridor from south to north:

GAIN (75th to 95th St)
Founded 2005 (the "original" GAIN)
Current leaders: Cindy Potter and Dan Pavlovic
Email to leader:

GAIN North (95th to 105th St)
Founded 2007
Current leaders: Rene Murry and Wendy Chamberlin
Email to leader:
Online Discussion:

GAIN Broadview (105th to 130th St)
Founded 2009
Current leaders: Denise & Brandon Busch, Holly Rodin
Emails to
group: gainbroadview@yahoogroups.com
Online Discussion:

GAIN the Highland (130th to 145th St)
Founded 2005
Current leader: Will Murray
Email to group:

We publish a monthly newsletter "
GAIN News" to update neighbors regarding activities, community news and events. Anyone can receive this newsletter. You will also receive information about other activities, need for volunteers, and upcoming meetings/workshops.

Contact: gaingroup@gmail.com for further information
or to sign up for our newsletter

Click here or here to read why it is important to work as a community to ensure a safe and involved neighborhood for all